Naibu Design


Alison’s calm authority and knowledge made updating our Bondi apartment an easy experience.

She managed the process of removing an interior wall from start to finish, overseeing the work while we were away overseas. Her natural eye for interiors brought our living space a new lease of life.

She navigated the speed bumps (opinion clashes between my husband and I!) with tact, and was able to create magic with our budget.


I had the pleasure of working with Alison in 2018 on the project of renovating my one bedroom apartment in Tamarama, which involved completely changing the look and feel of the apartment including knocking through a wall, and I was so pleased with the end result.

From beginning to end, Alison was fantastic. After an in depth on site discussion, she presented her ideas demonstrating her excellent listening skills and her creative but realistic flair.

She is extremely intuitive and had an amazing ability to be able to manage me (and my indecisive nature!) very well, always staying patient and able to come up with alternatives when necessary.

Alison truly cares and goes above and beyond, she was constantly thinking about getting things just right.

She is very conscious about staying on brief and on budget, and her attention to detail, genuine nature and honesty is refreshing.

I would highly recommend Alison and loved working with her.


I asked Alison to help me with the interior design of my kitchen. I can’t thank her enough for her input. I was stuck and in a fog about the layout and practicality of the space plus I couldn’t decide on colours, finish and benchtop. Within one session we nailed it.

She has a wonderful eye for detail and design whilst understanding what I wanted (even when I wasn’t sure) and also looked at the practicality and functionality of the space. There is no way I would’ve been able to get the look and design without Alison.

I was really impressed by her design ideas and her clear and decisive approach. I would use Alison again in a heartbeat.


Alison led the interior design for us, for a renovation on a 3 bedroom house, including a new kitchen and two bathrooms. Best money we ever spent. With full-time jobs and two boys, there is no way we could have achieved what we wanted and kept pace with the builders without her.

She is fast, efficient, easy-going and a great communicator. She shortcuts product choices, finds the best price, and tirelessly liaises with builders and suppliers to ensure every detail is correct. Above all, she helps you to articulate what you want and takes the initiative to achieve that for you.

Before working with Alison, I saw Interior Design as a kind of luxury. Now I realise that all these (very time-consuming!) design choices are fundamental to whether your home actually functions properly and whether you enjoy being in it. So grateful to Alison for her expertise and hard work, to make our home just right for all four of us.

Sunil & Nikki